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Speak Loudly While Expressing Yourself by Varcity

Speak Loudly with Varcity | Our Origin Story


Streetwear is about more than just building a persona andembracing minimalistic fashion.Everyday streetwear is about showing the world who you are – whether you’rea fellow creative or a follower ofthe arts.That’s where Varcity comes in as the limitless premier streetwear and hype clothing brand.


At Varcity we take style from the runway to urban streetwearwith contemporary designs and minimalistic silhouettes to style your own way. Varcity was established in 2022 with a mission to create a positive communitywith themessage to approach style as your expression and speak loudly through fashion.


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Discover more about our origin story and what makes Varcity tick as astreetwear brand that takes the undefined as a rallying cry to embrace individuality.


Style is Your Expression

Varcity strives to offer a one-stopshop for style that will express yourpersonality. We take our inspiration from the creative forces around us, from art to musicandcitynightlife.Varcity is a brand built on the idea of individuality while believing that we don’t have to sacrifice minimalism in the name of self-expression.


Our brand name ‘Varcity’is a play on theword ‘varsity’by adding an urban twist while keeping the ethos of the world. Varcity represents the elite in life – whether its culture,streetwear, ormusic.We take the undefined and give it to our community to turn it into avehicle to express their own personality, defining it in a way thatreflects their values and worldview.


Speak loudly with streetwear designed to make your clothing the ultimate form of self-expression. Our collections range from classic fitted t-shirts withminimalistic brandingto epic tees inspired by ourfavorite creatives.


Speak Loudly

Our minimalistic silhouettes and designs aren’t afraid to speak loudly.TheVarcityfitted t-shirtscapture the essence of urban streetwearwith designs to build an outfit around.We’ve taken inspiration from the rich history of varsity withjackets that bridge the gap between vintage styles and contemporary trends while incorporatingminimalistic branding.


No streetwear closet is complete without a signature hat. The Varcitysnapback capscarry on the tradition of sports-inspired streetwear and hip-hop, two backbones of the creative industry at the heart ofour brand.


We’re constantly working on expanding ourbrand, finding new ways for our community to use style for expressionto speak loudly in the world.Varcity is at theforefront of streetwear fashion as a brand determined to redefine trends andblend fashion and functionality with clothingtomake a statement every day.


We don’t believe in catering to onlyoneniche. Our clothing is undefinedto give our community limitless potential with ourdesigns – whether its chic urban streetwear or laid-back athleisure.Shop thelatest Varcity arrivalsand find your way of expressingwho you are through everyday creativity.